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The Cenote Guy diver silhouetted against the striking sunbeams in the crystal-clear waters of a cenote.


Let’s make Cenote Diving the highlight activity of your stay in Mexico. We offer unforgettable dives inside the magical world of Cenotes. Safety is key to our operation. Each dive is under the supervision of an experienced, certified, and passionate guide. Cenotes are addictive. Once you discover the Mayan underwater world, we know you will be back for more. After a few dives, you might become a Cenote Guy yourself. The cenote guide will be the one giving you the addictive shot of diving.

Close-up of a The Cenote Guy diver's hands adjusting the valve on a scuba tank before a dive.


The Cenote Guy is a project with one objective: To give every certified diver the opportunity to live an unforgettable cenote diving experience in the best cenotes in Mexico. Come and dive with us as a friend. We have seen so many people become addicted to cenote diving that we decided to create a community of people passionate about this activity: The Cenote Guys 😉

Let’s make Cenote Diving the highlight activity of your stay in Mexico.

cenote diving with a unique approach in Cenote el eden


You will choose your dive site according to your schedule. We do not have a physical shop, everything is online. As a matter of transparency, our service is a guiding service only. The cenote entrance fee is independent of our services and they vary. There are no other hidden costs. Before you dive with us, you will know exactly what you are paying for. The cenote guide will charge you at the end of your dives.

“As a diving instructor, I won’t teach you to dive, but I will show you how to FLY!”


Cenote Diving Starting 140 USD

All of our tours include 2 dives of at least 45 minutes* each in 2 different cenotes

Diving available everyday

The Cenote Guide

Duration: 6 hours

Languages: English, French & Spanish

Diving gear included

Lunch and snacks

We will make Cenote Diving the highlight of your stay in Mexico

Get addicted to Cenote Diving!!


Please leave your review and comments on TripAdvisor, this will help other divers to become a Cenote Guy.

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Charlieexpensive Avatar
5 star rating
3 days ago
10/10 would repeat Great team! Mel made is feel great and the Cenotes are really worth a dive. Also, is visible that the equipment is well taken care of
Ddizzle0120 Avatar
5 star rating
3 days ago
Mind blowing We actually did 8 dives in 4 days with the cenote guy. Everything is in well set up with timely response. We dived with Paco and Seb and they both are superb! Highly recommended to dive with them ! Will definitely come back again, the cenote experience is really something you need to experience in your life.
sjiveson Avatar
5 star rating
5 days ago
Another AMAZING Cenote experience! Our second trip with The Cenote Guy was every bit as amazing as the first! Mel is an amazing dive guide - knowledgeable and fun while being fully committed to safety at all times. Dani (the Wizard of Whatsapp!) is organized, friendly and helpful and makes sure every aspect of your interaction and journey is taken care of flawlessly.
We dived Dreamgate, Angelita, Maravilla, Taak bi lum, Taak bi Ha, and Zapote and all were astonishing experiences.
Cannot recommend The Cenote Guy highly enough! We will be back for a third trip soon and may venture into the cave diving world too!
Thanks all!
Steve and Shiro


Where it all began

When Aydin arrived in Playa del Carmen in 2016, he had no idea that, he was about to discover his true bliss. It took just one cenote dive for Aydin to become addicted to this unique, euphoric activity. At that moment, his life turned green and blue, in other words, cenote diving became the highlight of his life.

Leaving behind an engineering career in Paris, Aydin moved to Playa del Carmen, obtained all the necessary certifications and gained a lot of experience as a cavern diving guide so he could turn his passion into a profession, lifestyle and create The Cenote Guy community.

The Cenote Guy himself, Aydin, smiling at the camera in front of a complex network of tree roots.
A diver with a lit torch swimming in a cenote with rays of sunlight piercing through the water above.

A Cenote Awakening

For Aydin, cavern diving in cenotes is a physical and spiritual calling. Above all else, he is driven by his deep passion to share this incredible experience with other kindred spirits. He feels great pleasure from guiding visitors through the sacred underwater tunnels of the Mayan Riviera, sharing his knowledge about the deep history of this ancient land and its beautiful, magical culture.

The best part is seeing people’s facial expressions of absolute amazement, after their first dive with The Cenote Guy. Most are entranced through their euphoric experience, and this is a truly priceless reward. Seeing people come together before the dive as strangers and leave as friends forever is one of the best parts of being a Cenote Guy.

So, is Aydin The Cenote Guy?

The answer is both Yes and No.

Yes, because for him The Cenote Guy refers to a mindset, a way of being, a passion for exploring a mystical underworld, and an addiction to share this experience with fellow adventurers.

But also No, because he is not the only Cenote Guy. A Cenote Guy is anyone who has experienced cenote diving and understood how impactful and powerful the experience is…. the next Cenote Guy may soon be YOU!

Aydin would never be so presumptuous as to claim to be the one and only Cenote Guy! He knows his love for cenote diving is contagious. He has watched many clients become Cenote Guys and expects to see many more in the future. He enjoys seeing the cenotes as a pilgrimage place for divers who are as captivated and entranced by cenote diving as he is, and growing an international community of Cenote Guys.

– TDI Full Cave Diver

– PADI MSDT Instructor

Happy cenote divers holding a circular sign featuring The Cenote Guy logo with a jaguar emblem, celebrating their diving adventure.
Group of happy visitors, some in The Cenote Guy apparel, posing with raised hands in front of the Mystika sign with vibrant artwork.

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