Booking Confirmation

Yes we are done!

Thank you having chosen the Cenote Guy; your dives are now booked!


As agreed, we will proceed to the pick-up.


booking confirmation




We kindly remind you that the entrances of the cenotes are independent of our services and have to be paid to the owner in pesos and cash.

 The Service can be paid in Pesos or USD at the end of the day to your guide. The daily google rate “USD to pesos” is considered.

Feel free to bring extra cash to be able to buy local products, T-shirts, souvenirs and to buy photos or videos of your dives.



Covid 19?


The face mask is mandatory at the entrance of the cenote. Please bring yours or let us know if you need one.

Our gear and our trucks are disinfected on a Customer basis. The social distance rules are respected during the day.





Your diver certifications are checked and a weaver have to be signed before the dives.

Don’t you forget your Logbook, we will be glad to stamp it!



What to wear?


Wear lightly, flip flaps are welcome, bathing suits, cotton t-shirts and cool loose clothing is best.

We provide the full diving gear and prepare them with the information you gave us. We don’t provide dive computers or cameras.

You are free to bring your own diving gear.



Snacks and Food?


We Provide water and snacks during the day and the lunch is included in the service.

However, feel free to bring your own snacks or beverages since we have an ice box in the vehicle.





Some diving sites offer professional photographers. Bringing a memory card is a good idea to store the pictures.

The Go-pro sized cameras are tolerated. The use of the underwater camera is not allowed in every cenote. Some of the cenote owners do charge an extra fee depending the size of the device you have. Feel free to ask us.



What else?


For the preservation of the fragile cenote environment, sun creams, insect repellents and lotions are not allowed.

Don`t you worry, all the diving sites are in the jungle so we will mostly be in the shade of the trees and the owners fumigate the parking and the entrances of the cenotes.



The Cenote Guy T-shirt?


The Cenote Guy community is growing fast, ask for you T-shirt: 20 USD.


Let us know if we bring one or several and you can try it the very next day and either decide to buy it or not.


booking confirmation


other questions?


Please click here for the Frequently Asked Questions about our cenote diving activity.