Casa Cenote is fantastic! Cenote diving under the mangroves.

The mesmerizing light effects and the inviting shadows are hypnotizing.


Casa Cenote is a unique dive as it is under the mangrove layer. The color of the water here is emerald green. You will also love the colour spectrums reflecting on the white sandy bottom. It is intriguing and charming.

You will witness the mixing of salt and fresh water at the resurgence of the longest underwater cave systems in the world. Marine life enthusiasts are welcome to shoot underwater pictures. For example a school of young tarpoons can be seen, but also the blue dancing crab and other colorful fish.

If you are lucky enough we will see Pancho the crocodile, the guardian of the cave entrance.

This is the most colourful dive we offer in our catalogue. Maybe the first time of your life that you will practice cenote diving under mangroves.


Situated near the beautiful Caribbean sea, in fact Casa Cenote is one of the ocean exit points of the system Sac Actun. The longest underwater cave system in the world of 364 kms finishes here and mixes with the Carribean warm waters. It is situated 50 km south of Playa del Carmen, and 10 km north of Tulum.

This cenote is typically an Open Water dive, since the overhead environment is practically very short. At the entrance of the property you will see a small toll where we pay the entrance fees and you will quickly notice that you are very close to the sea. The shoreline is beautiful and from the beach you can easily spot the Mesoamerican reef breaking waves on the horizon.

Casa Cenote is suggested with Cenote Angelita as a double tank.

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