Cenote Kukulkán is a first class dive due to its beautiful rays of light..

Enjoy Cenote diving in Kukulkán, one of the beautiful cenotes of the Yucatan Peninsula.
This is a dive that reaches a maximum depth of 15 meters


First of all, you will see them bending while getting in the crystal water. The diffraction effect and curtains of lasers makes the environment incredible.

It’s very bright. Similarly, you will see the colors of the sky and the shadow of the clouds through the mirror-like surface.

Ideal for beginners, this cavern dive is very comfortable. Because the vaulted structure of the ceiling make the open water surface visible during the entire dive. The cavern that houses the Cenote Kukulkán is composed of white limestone. As a result, this creates a beautiful illumination during the dive when light comes in.

Kukulkán has been known to give a little vertigo since the crystal-clear water reaches 300 feet / 100 meters visibility, giving you the real feeling of flying.

During your cenote diving in Kukulkan you will see plenty of speleothems. In other words, you are witnessing how the limestone walls surrounding the cavern changed in the last million years. The halocline is reached at 35 feet / 13 meters.

Cenote Kukulkán is a great adventure for beginners and a delight for all skill levels. The mind-blowing cenote Kukulkán is a popular dive destination in Mexico.


It is situated 20 km south of Playa del Carmen, just after the Puerto Aventura’s Bridge. At the entrance of the property you will see a typical Mayan farm where the owners are cultivating vegetables and growing animals. If you like honey, just tell your guide to make a stop there and taste the delicious Melipona’s delight. After a short ride of 5 minutes you will reach the main parking and start your cenote diving adventure. Enjoy Cenote diving in Kukulkán

Cenote Kukulkán is suggested with Little Brother as a double tank.

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