Cenote diving in Barbie Line is breathtaking.

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This cenote belongs to the system Dos Ojos. Dos Ojos means “two eyes” in Spanish. Accordingly to the local, they are 2 cenotes together known as the east and west eyes. The cenote Barbie Line offers you a trip in the millions years history of the Yucatan Peninsula. You will feel younger contemplating the huge speleothems in this dive. They have been truly formed during thousand years.

The crystal clear water will dazzle you even before you get in. This line is brighter than the Batcave circuit and you can enjoy the shinny mayan sun during the dive. Ideal if you are a tiny bit chlaustrophobic.

Diving alongside the West eye you will notice tiny glowing dots like rainbows thanks to the light refraction.

A slight current at the end of the dive will push you through narrow tunnels and make you fly as a bird, at least in your mind. Believe us, cenote diving in Barbie Line is breathtaking.


Cenote Barbie Line is part of the system Sac Actun, the longest underwater cave system in the world with 364 km. It is situated 45 km south from Playa del Carmen, 15 km north of Tulum. Cenote barbie is easy going. Bright and relaxing because it is more exposed to the sunlights. It is a place where you can spend a day with your family snorkeling and enjoying the shade of the luxurious trees in the jungle.

At the entrance of the property you will see a small toll where we have to pay the entrance fees and you will be welcomed by the smiling mayan staff. After a short ride of 8 minutes, you will reach the main parking and start your cenote diving adventure. It’s clean and the infrastructure of the park is very good.

Cenote Barbie Line  is suggested with Cenote Batcave as a double tank.

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