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Cenote diving in Calavera is simply wonderful. 

Calavera means skull in Spanish. Don’t be afraid, it’s just the shape of the cenote.
Another nice dive with an entrancing halocline and a mysterious environment.


Fossilized animal jawbone with teeth intact on the rocky ground of Cenote Calavera.

The cenote itself is very tiny. You can see why they named it once you´re looking at it from above. You take a giant stride to get in. An atypical dive in which we will turn within the cenote like bees around their hive.

The crystal-clear greenish water gives the place an epic dim light when the sun gets in. The halocline layer is one of the thinner in the region and clearly appears like an icy floor.

Following the guideline, you will see the different cave entrances and be attracted  to them. You will see cenote diving in Calavera is simply wonderful.


It is situated 45 km south of Playa del Carmen, 3 km north of Tulum. It is one of the favorite cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula near Tulum. This unique cenote is great for both swimming and diving and is an easy day trip if you are staying in Tulum.

Bright and intriguing because it is more exposed to the sunlight. It is a place where you can spend a day with your family. At the entrance of the property you will see a small toll where we pay the entrance fees and you will be welcomed by the smiling mayan staff. After a short ride of 8 minutes, you will reach the main parking and start your cenote diving adventure. It’s clean and the infrastructure of the park is very good.

Cenote Calavera is suggested with Dreamgate as a double tank.

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