Enjoy cenote diving in Cenote Chikin Ha, it is a haven of peace.

This cavern offers the diver all the special characteristics of a cenote dive and the spiritual awareness.


The Riviera Maya beckons with a myriad of enchanting cenotes (thank you, Mother Nature!). Each cenote possesses its own distinctive charm, making them all special in their unique ways. Among these, Cenote Chikin Ha stands out as a cenote that will captivate you with its breathtaking light beams, mesmerizing halocline (the visual dance between salt and fresh water), intriguing fossils, intricate rock formations, and a kaleidoscope of light effects that unfold underwater.

These captivating natural wonders serve as an ideal destination for scuba diving enthusiasts. The crystal-clear waters create an illusion of soaring through a subterranean cathedral. The interplay of natural rock formations and the infusion of light into the depths of darkness combine to offer spectacular underwater vistas that are truly awe-inspiring.


The 20 minutes ride. Cenote Chikin Ha is situated 25 km south from Playa del Carmen. This is one of the nicest cenotes where you can do cenote diving and Cave Diving (with certification) as well.

There is parking available. There’s a fee to enter the cenote. Generally, your guide will tell you the cost of the entrances, and also the cost of their service. It is safe to leave your belongings and other equipment in your vehicle. Generally, your guide will suggest where to put your items. 

After a short ride of 10 minutes, you will reach the main parking and start your cenote diving adventure. This place makes you feel that you are lost in the beautiful mayan jungle.

Cenote Chikin Ha is suggested with El Edén as a double tank.

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