Cenote Diving Day Description

The cenote diving day description will help you being ready for the diving experience. It makes it easy-going providing the necessary tips.

Once you have completed your booking, we will determine together our meeting point and schedule.

In practice, we contact you the day before the dive to check the details taking in consideration the weather and the other participants. In fact, cenote diving is limited to 4 divers per guide.

We will also ask for your measurements to provide you with the appropriate diving equipment.

The diving equipment will already be ready in our vehicle on the day of our appointment. Again, we remind you that the diving equipment is included in the service. Obviously, you are free to bring your own diving gear.

FAQ – Cenote Diving with The Cenote Guy

Please read the cenote diving day description below carefully and if needed read the frequently asked questions above.


  • We like to start early to enjoy the first morning light of day. The meeting will be around 08:00. ( This will be checked personally with you one day before the dive.)
  • Pick-up is done at the predetermined location and the diving equipment will already be in the vehicle. For sure we have some spare wetsuits and BCD to be sure you are comfortable during your cenote diving experience.
  • After checking your certifications and completing the necessary papers for the activity, we will have at least a 30 minutes ride to the cenotes. We will take advantage of this time to put you in the mood by giving you more information about the program of the day and the dives.
  • Cenote diving is different. Your guide will give you little tips and advices to make you feel more comfortable with a ceiling over your head. This new environment deserves adequate preparation to feel more secure. A dialogue with your guide about your previous experiences and possible apprehensions will facilitate your diving experience.
  • Once you get there, you will prepare your equipment and we will check together that everything is in good shape. The tank pressure check and a general inspection will be done by your guide.


  • After preparing the diving equipment, we will take a guided walk on the premises to discover the cenotes and to familiarize ourselves with the entry point and technic. Your camera is welcome.
  • We will then continue with the briefing of security and diving. Then, we’ll do the first dive.
  • For the second immersion, depending on the day’s schedule, we may take the vehicle again and move to another cenote. We will let you know at the beginning of the day if a change of site is necessary.
  • The surface interval will be determined based on the first dive.
  • Please note that we have a cooler in the vehicle with water and snacks on board. Feel free to serve yourself.
  • After finishing the two dives on two different lines, we will all have a meal together in a typical restaurant.
  • Depending on the dive sites, we will be back in Playa del Carmen or Tulum the earliest around 2:30 p.m., the latest around 4:30 p.m.


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Together we can schedule your next dives.