Cenote diving in Dreamgate? You have to deserve it!

Advanced Divers Only


Do you want to try a cave dive without the Full Cave Diving certification?

Here is how you can do it. Dreamgate is the most ‘cave-ish’ dive in our catalog. Therefore only experienced divers are welcomed. Cenote Dreamgate is the pearl of the Riviera Maya for cavern divers.

Cenote Dreamgate is one of the most famous sinkholes in Mexico. Because of its stunningly decorative stalagmites and stalactites, Dreamgate was featured in the BBC documentary “Planet Earth”. Considered one of the most beautiful caverns in Mexico, makes it a predilection destiny for divers from all over the world.

This is one of the most decorated cenotes, with a spectacular guideline. However, to snake between the formations you need good buoyancy and trim control.

Claustrophobic divers please let us know before you sign up for this dive. Hence, this dive is a challenging one due to the full darkness and confined spaces.

The speleothems are gorgeous. Cenote diving in Dreamgate? You have to deserve it! Ladies and Gentlemen: this is the Dreamgate experience!


Cenote Dreamgate is situated 5 km after the entrance of the Park Dos Ojos, 40 Minutes from Playa del Carmen. There is no welcome sign at the entrance. Here, the private lands are huge and the divers are few. In fact, the land is held by several families. The ride inside the jungle is quite long. Surely, you will love the off-road landscapes. The jungle is very beautiful. Once we reach the lovely cenote, you will see a small toll where we pay the entrance fees.

Cenote Dreamgate is suggested with Cenote Carwash as a double tank.

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