Cenote Little Brother It is ideal for adventurers.

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Enjoy cenote diving in Little Brother. Experience a very diversified and tricky zig-zag circuit. Its very bright.
Above all light penetrate into the cenote creating an amazing natural light show.


The entrance of this cavern has typically been created by a collapsed ceiling. Certainly you will feel like you are doing your first true cavern dive.

You will have goosebumps while seeing the halocline clouds and the lunar landscapes. Aside from stalactite formations, you can also spot fossils.  For instance, lots of marine life, fossils of shells and corals are sprinkled on the way. 

You will follow the guide line an After you will pop up in the decorated air dome with roots and crystals. Further, you will get back to the exit. The Little Brother cenote dive has the power to create the feeling to have travelled in an other world.  Maybe from which you don’t want to come back.

Yes! Being home of the world’s largest stalactite, Cenote diving in Little Brother is literally a Must Do!


It is situated 20 km South from Playa del Carmen, just after the Puerto Aventura’s bridge. At the entrance of the property you will see a typical mayan farm where the owners are cultivating vegetables and growing animals.

If you like honey, just tell your guide to make a stop there and taste the delicious melipona’s delight. After a short ride of 5 minutes you will reach the main parking and start your cenote diving adventure.

Cenote Little Brother is suggested with Kukulkán as a double tank.

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