Enjoy cenote diving in Cenote Taj Maha, it is simply awesome.

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This cavern offers to the diver all the specific characteristics of a cenote dive.


First of all, you will experience a dense halocline, and see limestone vaults and speleothems. For instance, cenote Taj Maha is a series of 4 stunning cenotes filled with ancient fossils of shells, corals & urchins and dazzling light effects. You will enjoy this succession of different environment all the way following the guideline.

While diving in Cenote Taj Maha you will discover a natural beauty, since the dome and collapse ceiling are very particular to the region.

Therefore we have 4 cenotes:

  • Taj Maha welcoming us with its beautiful green vegetation.
  • Points of Light is known for its lasers.
  • Sugar Bowl lulls you in his calming silence once you are on its surface.
  • Esmeralda has a small window to the jungle that looks like a painting.

Enjoy diving in cenote Taj Maha, surely this dive is a must do in the Riviera Maya.


The 25 minutes ride. Cenote Taj Maha is situated 25 km south from Playa del Carmen. This is one the nicest cenote where you can do cenote diving and Cave Diving with certification as well.

For instance it is a tiny system of around 12 km offering plenty of cave galleries. At the entrance of the property you will see a small toll where we have to pay the entrance fees and order order the delicious typical Tortas for our lunch.

After a short ride of 5 minutes, you will reach the main parking and start your cenote diving adventure. This place makes you feel that you are lost in the beautiful mayan jungle.

Cenote Taj Maha is suggested with El Edén as a double tank.

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