Cenote diving in Zapote is an incredible experience.

Advanced Divers Only 


This place is mystical and maybe a little frightening. It is peculiar due to the beautiful formations: The Hells Bells.

The bell-shaped stalactites decorate the walls. However, their formation remained a complete mystery… until recently.

First, a group of cave divers discovered them. Then scientists studied the formations for years. Finally, they understood that these formations were exceptional and unique. Therefore, they are natural sculptures built by living organisms.

Currently the bells continue their growth in the water. In fact, these formations are called Biothems. They are formed by bacteria breathing and solidifying in the calcid.

Slowly the combination of the bacteria, adequate pH, the hydrogen sulfate and a lot of love created these complex downward directed formations. Also, it took a decade of study for the scientist to discover exactly how they grow.

The cloud of hydrogen sulfate is dense and look like a mattress of cotton.

Obviously, Advanced diver qualification is required to get into the depths of Cenote Zapote. The experience is totally worth it. Since it is an incredibly unique formation treasure. Not only unique within Mexico, but unique in the whole world.

Cenote diving in Zapote is an unforgettably gorgeous experience that will surpass all your expectations.


Cenote Zapote is on the “route of the cenotes”. Located inland from Porto Morelos. Heading north, inside a natural park. Zapote is small and deep, very narrow and dark. Yet this cenote is not very comforting. Specifically, curious and courageous divers will love it. Again, cenote diving in Zapote is an incredible experience.

Cenote Zapote is suggested with Cenote Kin Ha as a double tank.

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