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Cenote diving COVID19

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Cenote diving COVID19 – Latest news – Since the quarantine restrictions have been recently lowered, we are happy to announce that the cenote diving activity will gradually reopen. From June the 9th up to further notice, the Cenote Guy is able to dive in some cenotes with a limited capacity of one diver per guide.


We will continue to collaborate with the authorities sticking to their safety guidelines for all of us.


From the positive side, you will have a private guide with the benefit of the regular prices. Book by now to benefit these special conditions.


The following cenotes are opening officially on June the 9th:


Barbie line


The pit

Nicte Ha


Safety first, the common Covid19 measures are respected and the physical contact between the divers is limited. Do not hesitate to contact us on WhatsApp for any questions.


We can’t wait to dive with you in the future! You can still book your next holiday with us now! Stay safe and see you soon!

Cenote diving COVID19