The Cenote Guy specializes in Cavern diving.
Cenote diving is our Passion.

Riviera Maya is a world class diving destination and a “must do” for any diver. Our crystal clear waters filled with amazing landscapes, astonishing light effect, endemic marine life, fossilized corals and many other features is well worth exploring. Come with us and create your own cenote diving program.


Let's make it Unique.

Are you a certified scuba diver ? 

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You want a private Cenote diving day? Then stick with us!

We see thousands of divers come to the Riviera Maya each season of the year. We know your vacation has to be unique. We see it as our duty and pleasure to advise you and guide you in your cenote choices according to your aspirations, the duration of your stay and your budget …

Whether on your own or with a group of friends or family, as a beginner or experienced diver, whether you only want to do one, two or several dives, then our a la carte diving is ideal for you. It is a formula that appeals to our customers and has proven to be a best seller!

You want to feel great and be deeply relaxed? You don’t want to wake up at 07.00 to catch the day? Maybe you have dove the cenotes many times, but always at the same popular spots (with crowds) and this time you want to experience something different?

Maybe you want it shorter, longer, different, upscale, want to do this, or want to do that… No problem, we can make it happen. Let’s create your own Cenote Diving Program.

The possibilities are endless…

Create your own cenote diving program with us. Don’t forget that we prioritize your certification level and you are free to combine two different Open Water dives in a row. Don't hesitate to ask us any questions via WhatsApp so we can create a custom program just for you.



If you are looking for an amazing experience, look no further than The Cenote Guy.

Our goal is to provide you with the ultimate personalized diving service. You have the opportunity to choose the top cenotes to dive, on the day you want.

You can check our prices and the description of the day to have a better idea of our service and what to expect.


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