FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


What are the prices for Cenote Diving?

The prices given below are for the service with the gears, the snacks, the tanks, the lunch, flashlight, the transport and the entrances fees.

Kukulkán + Little Brother
starting from $115 USD.

El Edén + Taj Maha
starting form $130 USD.

Barbie line + Batcave
starting from $135 USD.

Pit + Dos Ojos
starting from $160 USD.

Casa Cenote + Angelita
starting from $165 USD.

Calavera + Dreamgate
starting from $170 USD.

Zapote + Kin Ha
starting from $170 USD.

What if I have only the Open Water Diver Certification?

In case of you have only the Open Water Diver certification we can suggest everyday the Cenotes Kukulkán / Little Brother and El Edén / Taj Maha. Please notice that these cenotes are cheaper than the others.

What is the temperature of the water in the cenotes?

The water temperature in the cenotes is around 77°-78° Fahrenheit or 25°-26° Celsius. You will get colder than you think while cenote diving. The Cenote Guys may provide you thicker gears if you have your own ocean gears.

Do I need a certification for cenote diving?

Yes, you have to have a diver certification to pretend diving in the cenotes. Minimum OPEN WATER diving certificate or equivalent. However, if you wish we can suggest doing a Discovery dive in the cenotes, that is practiced only in the open water part of the cenote. Just ask us for details.

Is diving in cenotes dangerous?

Diving in general may be dangerous if it is not done the proper way. That’s why we are diving only with certified divers. The overhead environment itself is not a hazard in cavern diving. The environment in which we practice cavern diving is safe and regulated. A full security and safety briefing is done before every cenote dive.

Do you provide all the gears?

Yes, the Cenote Guy provides you all the gears you need while diving in cenotes. It’s free of charge.

Where is your shop, where do we meet?

For you to benefit a better price, we do not have a physical shop. All is done online. However, we have a Store in which our gears are rinsed and prepared.
Whenever we meet you our truck is coming with your gears already loaded in the trunk. The day before the dive we are asking you height, weight and shoe size. Spare gears are available in the trunk for you to feel comfortable and warm.

Can I pay by Credit/Debit card or PayPal?

Yes, you can pay with Credit/debit card and PayPal, accepting a 5% extra charge on the service price.

Can we do 3 dives a day?

Yes, you can add a third dive to your cenote diving journey, its $50 USD per person if you are alone, $40 USD per person if you are 2, $30 USD per person if you are more than 2 persons. The longest distance is taken in consideration while setting the transport price. However, ask first the Cenote Guy whether your plan is feasible.

Why do we pay the cenote owner and the transport fees separately?

Transparency on payment is important for us, you may find that the overall price is expensive. But it includes the cenote entrance fee and the extra transport.

The prices for each cenote diving trip are announced and you will know exactly what do you pay for. The service fee of $120 USD or $100 USD (Good Deal of the Day price) is a daily fee that is not changing wherever are the cenotes you choose. The cenote entrance fee is decided by every cenote owner and it is out of Cenote Guy’s price policy.

The transport fee includes the extra distance cover, the transport of the gears, the tanks and the guide.

What to bring with us?

Casual and comfortable wear, a rash guard and a towel. We kindly remind you that the solar creams and the cosmetics are strictly forbidden in the cenotes. Snacks, water and lunch is included to the service.

What is a Halocline?

The halocline forms where the salty and fresh layers slowly mix, separating the top layer of fresh water and the lower layers of salted water. The Word “halocline2 (from Greek hals, halos ‘salt’ and klinein ‘to slope’) is a subtype of chemocline caused by a strong, vertical salinity gradient within a body of water.

To be distinguished between Thermocline and Halocline.

Why are the solar creams and cosmetics forbidden in the cenotes?

The ecosystem of the cenotes is very fragile and like in the oceans the chemicals are very nocuous. As Cenote Guides, we have the responsibility to make you preserve this delicate environment.

Can we snorkel in the cenotes?

For non-divers whishing to join their friends or family in the Cenote diving journey it is possible to snorkel free of charge.

Snorkel is allowed in Cenote Kukulkán, Chac Mool, El Edén, Tajma Ha (very limited area), Dos Ojos (but not The Pit), Casa Cenote, Carwash, and cenote Calavera. The non-divers are welcome to join us upon availability of the vehicle, knowing that the priority is given to divers. Non-divers will have to pay their entrances to the cenotes separately.

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