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Safety is our main concern. We offer unforgettable dives inside the magic world of cenotes under the supervision of an experienced, certified, passionate guide. Cenotes are addictive. Once you discover the underwater beauty of Riviera Maya, we think you will come back for more and after a few dives, you might consider becoming a Cenote Guy yourself!




“Most Amazing Experience of my Life”


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The Cenote Guy is a project with one objective: To give every certified diver the opportunity to live an unforgettable cenote diving experience in the best cenotes in Mexico. Come and dive with us as a friend. We have seen so many people becoming addicted to cenote diving that we thought we could create a community of people fond of this activity: The Cenote Guys 😉


Cavern Diving is CONTAGIOUS


“Be Careful- The Cenote Guy will make you addicted!”


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You will have the opportunity to choose your dive site according to your schedule. As a matter of transparency, our service is only a GUIDING SERVICE. The cenote entrance fee is independent of our services and they vary. You will be charged a transportation fee depending on the distance. There are no other hidden costs. You will exactly know what you are paying for.


You choose your DIVE SITE


“Can’t wait for the next experience!!!”


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Cenote Diving Mexico

Mexico is home to a big number of cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula. A cenote is a natural sinkhole or collapsed cave that were sometimes used by the ancient Mayas for sacred rituals and offerings. The rock formations expose groundwater underneath and an absolutely stunning view.

Going Cenote diving in Mexico and swimming through the caverns of the gorgeous cenotes is an unbelievable, breathtaking experience.

The Cenote Guy is a certified cavern diving guide and can lead you through these sacred, beautiful tunnels. The water is welcoming all year-round as it stays at a comfortably warm temperature. To schedule a tour, you can contact us directly on WhatsApp – +52 1-(987)-876-3889

Go Mexico Cenote Diving With A Qualified Professional

Cenotes are freshwater sinkholes in the ground that are special to the Yucatan Peninsula. These collapse caves attract thousand of tourists and locals year-round because of the clear, fresh waters and alluring rock formations.

The Cenote Guy can safely lead you on a diving tour of these natural wonders. Cenote diving in Mexico is generally safe but it requires the Open Water Diving Certification. They are pretty and inviting. For the underwater caverns, it is mandatory and highly recommended that you go with an experienced tour guide.

No matter your experience, the cenote guy can create a personalized tour based on what you can do. In order to dive into the overhead cenote caverns, you do need an open water diver certification. We supply free Nitrox for enriched air certified divers.

If you are not certified, you can still snorkel in many of the breathtaking cenotes in Mexico such as Dos Ojos, Sac Actun or Taak Bi Ha Cenote.

Aydin will give you a complete safety and cenote briefing before each of the dives. We make sure our equipment is always primed and ready to go for your comfort and security.


Here are a list of some of the cenotes in Mexico that you can select from:

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Cenote Diving Sites:

Cenote Kukulcan

Cenote Chacmool

Cenote el Eden

Cenote Taj Maha

Cenote Batcave

Cenote Barbie Line

Cenote El Pit

Casa Cenote

Cenote Angelita

Cenote Dreamgate

Cenote Calavera

Cenote Kin Ha

Cenote Zapote

Cenote Maravilla

Other famous cenotes to visit for snorkeling:

Ik Kil
Gran Cenote
Cenote Azul
Cenote Zaci
Cenote Calavera
Cenote Car Wash
Cenote Suytun
Cenote Cristalino
Sacred Cenote
Cenote Jardin Del Eden
Cenote Choo-Ha
Cenote Samula
Cenote Xcanche
Cenote Dzitnup
Sistema Sac Actun[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]Cenote in Mexico[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

With the Cenote Guy, we are open to developing a schedule around what cenotes you want to see and discover. Get in touch with us today to inquire about scheduling a dive and adventure.

Let’s Plan Your Trip to Go Cenote Diving In Mexico

Mexico’s cenote diving is truly an unforgettable experience. Here at the Cenote Guy, we promise to deliver you an incredibly fun, friendly and safe diving experience.

If you like the thrill of diving and adventure, you must absolutely go cenote diving in Mexico. It’s a very special experience, surreal and beautiful like nothing else.

Let’s coordinate and plan your next vacation diving experience. We encourage you to take a peek at our daily program or just ask us directly on WhatsApp for a customized diving program.

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The Cenote Guy has a weekly schedule. Every day of the week, we are exploring a different cenote.

If you choose a dive offered on our schedule, you get a $20 USD Discount Per Diver: “GOOD DEAL OF THE DAY”.

The idea of working this way is to group right-minded divers together, and we will be able to make this unforgettable cenote diving experience more affordable. It is what we call a win-win situation!

If you are planning to dive for several days, you will benefit from the discount on every single day, diving in different cenotes each day. This will be a unique experience – no cenote is like the other!

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Here is an example: If you are planning to dive on a Wednesday, you get to dive inside BARBIE LINE + BATCAVE and pay $100 USD instead of $120 USD. If you want to visit another cenote on Wednesday, we will charge you the normal guiding service fee. It is as simple as that. So take a look at our schedule and dive into the incredible diversity of our majestic caverns.

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When Aydin came to Playa del Carmen in 2016, he had no idea he was about to discover his true bliss. It took just one cenote dive for Aydin to become addicted to this unique, euphoric activity and turn it into a profession and a lifestyle. His life has turned Green and Blue.


No joke: he was hooked for life. He dropped everything (including his career as an engineer in Paris), moved to Playa del Carmen, obtained all the necessary certifications and experiences as a cavern diving guide – and has been sharing his “playground” with others ever since.


For Aydin, cenote cavern diving is a physical and spiritual calling. Above all else, he is driven by his wish to share this passion with other kindred spirits.  He feels great pleasure from guiding visitors through the sacred underground canals of the Mayan Riviera.

He enjoys sharing his knowledge about the deep history of this ancient land and its beautiful, magical culture.


And he especially loves seeing people’s facial expressions of absolute amazement after their first dive with The Cenote Guy. Sometimes they look like they were reborn through this experience – as if they are newly alive and they see the world through fresh eyes again. It is humbling to witness – and is a truly priceless reward.


And so – if you ask: Is Aydin The Cenote Guy? – the answer is both Yes and No.

Yes, because he will be your Cenote Guy guide on this journey.

No, because the Cenote Guy may soon be you!


Aydin would never be so presumptuous as to claim to be the one and only Cenote Guy! He knows that his love for cenote diving is contagious. He has seen many clients become Cenote Guys and he expects to see many more converts in the future. His work is dedicated to creating and growing a whole international community of Cenote Guys who are as obsessed and overjoyed with cenote diving as he is.

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Instagram | @thecenoteguy

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