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You are now member of a growing community: The Cenote Guys!

We are very grateful.

We know that we have a bigger responsibility towards the next customers every time you let us a beautiful comment.

Their expectations are getting bigger and we shouldn’t disappoint them.

Every single recommendation worth an ounce of gold to us. That’s your legacy.

That’s the Cenote Guy’s secret for a full satisfaction of our customers.


Please Give a boost to our project after the Covid19 punishment 🤣.

Many diving businesses are closed, suspended, or not operating as usual and are unable to respond efficiently to the tourists already visiting the region.

The Cenote Guy remains operational and focused on serving our customers throughout this crisis.

We appreciate your patience.

We are determined to save our jobs and we are willing to transmit our knowledge and passion to the people coming from all around the world.

Enjoy your stay in Mexico.

Enjoy your flight back home, Hasta Luego.


Your friend

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*all the prices given below are for pick-ups from Playa del Carmen downtown / Playacar