Cenote Diving Tours with The Cenote Guy – Terms & Conditions

It is very important that you read the terms and conditions very carefully before booking with us.

  • We only do dive with certified divers !!
  • 100% will be charged to your credit card when you book your expedition.
  • Payments done with Visa or MasterCard will be charged in MXN Mexican Pesos, any conversion to another currency will be held under the current exchange rate of your bank.
  • The statement will show the charge under the name of TheCenoteGuy.


By confirming your reservation, you accept all of the below terms & conditions.

1) Number of dives*

The booking is considered for minimum 2 dives.
If you decide on your own not to do one of the 2 dives the price agreed on remains the same.
All the logistic and the program is done on a 2 dives per day basis.

2) Bookings, Payments and Cancellations

-Bookings are considered confirmed upon reception of confirmation details.
-Payment must be settled in cash in Mexican Pesos (1 USD = 19 Pesos) or USD on arrival on the day of your dive trip. Please have the money ready on the day of your trip, our guides don’t do ATM or money exchange stops this ensures a smooth process and respect to your fellow divers.
-Payments/deposits with credit card via online must be done at least the day before the dive trip. We don’t accept credit card payments on the same day of your dive trip, CREDIT CARD FEE IS 5%
-We kindly ask you to inform us of any changes or cancellations with at least 24 hours notice.
-Deposits for all dive bookings are non refundable.
-Tips for the guide are NOT included.

3) Cameras in Cenotes

Please be aware that all Cenotes are privately owned and each have their own rules.
Cameras are allowed in most of them, however some will ask for an extra fee to use it underwater, and some are not allowing them at all. This camera fee is going directly to the land owners. Please let us know if the use of your camera is a priority for you so we can plan the dives accordingly.

4) Food and snacks

Food, snacks, water, and juices are given as a courtesy during the day BUT our main service is Cenote Diving.
We care about your overall satisfaction throughout the day.
If you are picky about your food please feel free to bring your own portion. We are proud to have the highest budget among the other diving shops of Riviera Maya for the food and the snack.

Allergies, tastes and personal diets are taken in consideration during the booking process and the logistic but we may not satisfy your full expectation.

5) Transportation

-We are not allowed (by federal law) to do pick ups in hotels or touristic areas.

-Drop off after the dives will be done at the same location as the morning pick up, our guides are NOT allowed to drop divers off at a different location.

6) Equipment rentals (free of charge)

Our equipment is well maintained and cared for the comfort of our divers. When renting our equipment, the diver is accepting full responsibility for its care. If any equipment is damaged or lost due to negligence or misuse, the diver is accepting to bear the cost of repair, or replacement if necessary.

7) Personal Belongings and Equipment storage

-You are welcome to leave your personal belongings in the truck while you go diving.
-We will happily keep your equipment in our storage during the duration of your dive trip with us.
-Divers accept that our company cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage of theft that could occur.

8) Weather and Crowd

Our schedule can be changed, in your favor, considering the crowds at the dive sitesand the weather. We are doing our Best to give you the best of Cenote Diving . We will provide recommendations.

9) Notes

-The paperwork and the certifications are checked for each single diver.
-Please bring change of clothes & towels.
-Entrance fees must be paid in Cash in Mexican Pesos.
-The use of sunscreen / mosquito repellent or any chemical product in the skin are not allowed for all underwater activities for conservation purposes.
-We have a 10 minute tolerance, after this we must move on with the day’s program. We ask you to please be on time at the meeting point.


  • Minimun age for cavern diving is 15 years old.
  • Pregnant women are not allowed to participate in our dives.
  • Cameras are subjected to extra fees depending the dive sites, The Cenote Guy declines responsibility on any other personal items brought the day of the dive.
  • Personal belonging will be kept locked in the vehicule while diving.

Changes and modifications

  • All modifications should be made at least 24 hours before the dives. In order to change your reservation please just send us a message for the new info to WhatsApp/Messenger and we will contact you.
  • Otherwise you can reach us in the following numbers:


  • In case of cancelation and in order to get your money back we need you to let us know about at least 24 hours before the expedition, 6% will be charged.


  • We will take contact with you the day before the dive to ensure your presence on the diving day.


  • The Cenote Guy provides interactive and secure dives, requiring physical participation of the divers, whom must be in good health and able to understand and follow our guides instructions.
  • If you have recently had surgery or an ailment that can physically limit your abilities, please mention it to our reservations staff before booking. A medical statement form should be signed for all divers before proceeding to the dives.

Special assistance

  • The Cenote Guy makes everything possible for our visitors with special needs. However, you should contact us before doing your reservation to explain what kind of assistance is required and make sure that we will be able to provide it.


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